To all Japanese food aficionados

Upcoming Supper Club Nights​​

~Private Group Bookings~

We are taking in 4-6 people (Maximum is 6 because of covid), you can call or email us to arrange a date convenient for you. If you would like Sushi it has to be a Wednesday or Saturday. If you would like a Japanese supper then any day except Friday is fine. See the menu page for the kinds of dishes we offer. You can either pick what you like or just leave it to us. The menu list is not exhaustive, dishes are added all the time, depending on the season.

Sushi Suppers - The menu will be mainly sushi + various Japanese dishes. To see a sample menu click here

Japanese Suppers - The menu will be more inclined towards Japanese cooked fish and/or meat dishes. Any particular requests can be accommodated. If you really want a particular dish, just let us know. To see a sample menu click here

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about the supper club or private catering:

Private Catering

We can also cook at your home, minimum for 4 people. If you would like us to serve more than 6 people, this would be a better option than coming to our supper club. We will serve the same food as we would in the supper club. We will need to use your kitchen space to cook the food. Please email us for more information.



~ Suzuki Supper Club ~

In Bury St Edmunds

Kaori and Guy Dawson are running a Japanese cuisine supper club for those who would like to try Japanese food as it would be served in a Japanese home. Kaori is from Kanazawa, Japan - home of some of the best sushi in Japan. Guy lived in Japan for twenty years. We have an informal atmosphere, intimate (6 people maximum) in our home in Bury St Edmunds. Having a meal with us is very much like going to someone’s house for dinner, not going for a meal in a restaurant.​​
The focus is on sushi and dinners featuring sushi are marked as Sushi Suppers. They will also include various other snacky Japanese dishes. Sometimes for a change we will do Japanese Suppers which will feature dishes other than sushi. See the
menu page for the kinds of dishes to expect.