About Japanese food

A Japanese meal does not really have definable starters and main courses although on our sample menu we have indicated the smaller and larger items by snacks and main dishes. A Japanese meal is a stream of food. Sometimes lots of little dishes, sometimes one or two big dishes. One thing that remains constant - Japanese food is very healthy not just in ingredients, but also in preparation. There is always plenty of food in a Japanese meal but it tends to be light even when fried. 


About our Japanese food

We do sushi suppers and Japanese suppers. As sushi is the most requested item,
this is our focus. In a Japanese house you would be most likely to get hand-rolled temaki sushi,

We'll show you how to make this very popular dish. We’ll also serve you various dishes that you get in Japan. You can see the kinds of dishes on offer in our sample menu and food photo gallery.

We can only do sushi on Wednesdays and Saturdays, fish market day in Bury. The Japanese are very fussy about how fresh their fish is. Sushi in particular must be bought and eaten on the same day - no exceptions. Our fresh food is as local as it’s possible to be. Our Japanese food: miso (soy paste), nori (seaweed sheets), shoyu (soy sauce) etc. thankfully is not. We bring it in from Japan. Japanese ingredients really have to come from Japan, not the Asian section of the local supermarket.




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